Midwest Cricket Conference
Judicial Rulings – 2017 Season

Addison vs Chicago Hawks

Chicago Hawks claimed to have played a different player than they actually did in this game – on reviewing the umpires report and scorecard, the Committee found conclusive evidence of this. In the Committee’s judgement, this was likely a considered and deliberate act, and an attempt to game the system by getting a player up to the “4 games played” threshold to qualify for playoffs. Due to the severity of this violation, the Committee’s decision was to “reverse” the result of this game – taking away the 4 points from Chicago Hawks, and awarding them to the opposition. 

Chicago Leopards vs VSM

VSM played 2 players not on their roster in this game – players who had played in MWCC the year before. This was conclusively shown also on investigation. VSM claimed mitigating circumstances – that they were unable to register the players in time (registration is to be completed by the end of the day on game day) due to website and time issues. In the Committee’s judgement, this was a gross violation – but not an attempt to game the system, or deliberately done for other cynical reasons. The Committee’s decision was to “zero out” this game – awarding no points to VSM for their win.The Committee’s judgement was that the severity of the violation did not meet the threshold needed to “reverse” the result of the game. 

It should also be noted – the Committee’s decision in this case was partially (but not fully) influenced by the actions of the Chicago Leopards themselves – the very players of the Chicago Leopards who filed the complaint against VSM with the Committee, and argued that it was illegal to use players not on their roster, those very same players illegally played for Illinois last weekend. This cynical abuse of the rules by those same players who sought refuge in the rules when it benefited them, reinforced the Committee’s view that, while VSM deserved some sanction for their error, it did not meet the standards required for a “result reversal” and the points being handed to the Leopards instead. 

AAA vs Mavericks game. (5/5/2013)

1) Asif patel from AAA is suspended for 2 games and 150 $ fine for Physically asaulting leg umpire . He will be under supervision for remainder of the season if found guilty of any other offense he could face more serious penalties . suspension to take affect immediately after the long weekend for 2 games and fine to be paid before he play after suspenion.

2) Both Team captains are fined 100 $ for not controling the situation before it got out of hands as per Mwcc rules.6.2.

Fine to be paid to Mwcc directly as directed by management