Midwest Cricket Conference
MWCC Rules & Regulations.

May 2017 – Rules Updated
May 2014 – Rules Updated
July 2013 – Walkover Rules Updated
April 2013 – Rules Updated
May 2012 – Rules Updated
April 2011: DL Method, Free Hit & Power Play Implementation

The teams, players, umpires, officials, and members otherwise associated with the Midwest Cricket Conference (MwCC) shall abide by the following Rules and Regulations set forth by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the power to arbitrate and interpret the Laws and below regulations as it sees fit subject to the approval of the Board of Directors

  1. NAME
    1.1. The organization shall be known as the Midwest Cricket Conference – (MwCC).

1.2. Midwest Cricket Conference Inc. is a subsidiary of Cricket Council USA, Inc.

    2.1. The league shall conduct the mandatory AGM as well as call other meetings to order as outlined in the Constitution of Midwest Cricket Conference.
    3.1. Each member club including the new clubs that intend to play in the upcoming season, shall be required to pay such amounts as per deadlines decided by the management each year including a) The non-refundable registration fees (for each season), b) All other installments of the Regular season fees.

3.2. Fees should be paid in full latest by April 15th or at AGM whichever is earlier, failing which teams shall be subject to monetary penalties and/or forfeiture – See Rule 14.4. Exceptions if any should be in writing from the management.

  1. BY-LAWS
    4.1. All games will be played under latest M.C.C. rules and by-laws which are based on the International Cricket Council (I.C.C.) rules. In case of any contradiction or doubt the M.C.C. rules and by-laws will take the precedence over I.C.C. rules. These rules are available in a separate document.
    5.1. The management has always believed in granting its players unlimited opportunities to play various levels of cricket, even if it meant playing in other leagues. Players who tend to misuse this freedom, by playing in MwCC during major part of the season while conveniently ignoring and / or refusing to be part of MwCC at the time of representing the league. While the management still believes in allowing the players to play in any league, IT WILL STRICTLY ENFORCE THE EXISTING RULES TO PRESERVE THE SANCTITY AND STANDARD OF THE LEAGUE

5.2. No players are permitted to participate in any tournaments or organized cricket that is deemed non-sanctioned by MwCC management. Players should verify with Management in order to participate in any organized regional cricket that is not listed on the Sanctioned Cricket List at any given time on MwCC Website.


5.4. Primary players are by default considered available to the league and become eligible for selection for any or all the tournaments that MwCC participates.

5.5. Other players who do not qualify as a Primary MwCC player (by way of the number of games played) shall be considered to a Primary player if such players declare themselves to the league as a Primary MwCC player and / or provide availability to the Selection Committee to be considered for selection

5.6. Any player found in violation of the following rules, shall face penalties listed separately in
Rule 5.6 below;

5.7. Primary MwCC players OR Other regular players of the league WHETHER or NOT THEY MAKE THEMSELVES AVAILABLE to MwCC for any tournament, CANNOT then represent any other COMPETING TEAMS in the same tournament.

5.8. There SHALL BE NO “CONTRACTS / CONTRACTED PLAYERS” category for this rule this season. Hence the above rule is applicable right across the league

5.9. Any player violating rules 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 shall face ALL OF THE following PENALTIES
5.9.1. Shall be suspended for the next 10 regular season games in each of the divisions
5.9.2. Shall be suspended from playing in the Playoffs, irrespective of him having qualified to play
5.9.3. Shall not be selected to represent MwCC for 1 (ONE) year from the date of the violation

5.10. None of this shall apply to
5.10.2. PRIMARY MwCC PLAYERS NOT selected to represent for the tournaments

5.11. Primary MwCC players OR Other regular players of the league WHO MAKE THEMSELVES
AVAILABLE for any tournament but dropout for any reason BUT FAIL to give the league 3 full
days’ notice prior to the start of tournament, will be subject to penalties (To be decided).

    6.1.Player Safety:
    6.1.1. The Insurance cover provided by the league NOW COVERS CERTAIN PERSONAL INJURIES TO PLAYERS in addition to third party liability and property damage. However, the insurance company has made the rules for coverage even more stringent
    6.1.2. Every player will use due diligence and will TAKE ALL necessary precautions, in order to be able to be covered by insurance. As a result of the above stipulation by the insurance company, the league MANDATES the HELMET RULE as follows – ALL BATSMEN WHEN AT BAT WILL HAVE TO WEAR HELMET for fast bowlers (as determined by the umpire) and ALL CLOSE IN FIELDERS (silly point, forward short-leg, backward short-leg, etc) including WICKET KEEPERS KEEPING UP WILL HAVE TO WEAR HELMETS IRRESPECTIVE OF THE BOWLER
    6.1.3. Our insurance will not cover incidents where the player did not protect himself by not wearing a helmet or protective gear Umpires shall enforce this rule in full as stated above.
    6.1.4. The Insurance cover provided by the league NOW COVERS CERTAIN PERSONAL INJURIES TO PLAYERS in addition to third party liability and property damage. However, the insurance company has made the rules for coverage even more stringent
    6.1.5. All players declare, for themselves and on behalf of their heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, HEREBY RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS Midwest Cricket Conference; their officers, officials, agents, and/or employees, other participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the event (“RELEASEES”), WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or property, WHETHER ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE, to the fullest extent permitted by law

6.2. Property Damage
6.2.1. The league’s insurance policy does not cover damage to player or player’s guest’s property including cars in the parking lot, etc.

    7.1. Each club is responsible for completing / updating the roster in the MwCC website (http://www.midwestcricket.org). Names of players registered should match the name on their state issued ID (Driver’s License, College Id, Passport etc.)

7.2. For 40 OVERS division in 2014 – A player can register to play for ONE team in the whole division. No cross registration shall be allowed

7.3. For 30 OVERS division – A player can register to play for ONE team in the whole division. No cross registration shall be allowed

7.4. Youth players: All youth players shall be considered normal adults and subject to no special treatment in any way EXCEPT WHILE PLAYING FOR MwCC TEAM.

7.5. While registering, teams are requested to enter as many details as possible with at least one contact number in case of emergencies.

7.6. There is no limit on the number of players that can be added by any team.

7.7. Registration of players wanting to play should be carried out before the team takes the field. The onus of proving the registration of players lies on the Team captain.

7.8. The only exceptions to this shall be when the team has a written permission from the management, division VP’s. Such players shall have to be registered by the end of the day, to enable the opponent team to enter

7.9. Clubs playing with unregistered players or individuals impersonating as registered players shall be prepared to forfeit the match irrespective of any other breach.

7.10. A player not on the list provided by his captain may substitute for a missing player as allowed by the Laws of Cricket. He may not bat, bowl or keep wickets.

    8.1. Every registered player willing to play for more than 1 team in any given REGULAR season shall have to register his Primary and Secondary teams – Please see Rule 9 (Transfer rules) and Rule 21.2 (Playoffs)

8.2. 40-40 league
8.2.1. Each team can register up to 6 Guest players
8.2.2. Maximum of 4 players in the playing XI
8.2.3. Players registered with his/her Primary team in this division cannot play as Guest Players with any team within the same division

8.3. 30-30 league
8.3.1. Each team can register 6 Guest players
8.3.2. Maximum of 3 players in the playing XI
8.3.3. Players registered with his/her Primary team in this division cannot play as Guest Players with any team within the same division OR for a team that is not in the same group

8.4. For existing players of MwCC, Primary / Secondary teams shall be decided based on the maximum number games the player played in the division during the 2016 season. For new players or players who have not played in MwCC for in 2014, the primary/secondary team would be based on the declaration by the players. (Please check Rule 8.5)

8.5. Irrespective of the declaration by players, at the time of playoffs, the Primary & Secondary teams will be decided based on which team the player has played more games for.

8.6. Teams
8.6.1. Can register guest players at any time during the season
8.6.2. That have reached the maximum limit of 6 guest players in the roster, cannot register anymore even if one of the registered guest player decides not to play for them
8.6.3. Cannot register guest players from other teams if they have played a game for the other team
8.6.4. Intending on playing a new guest player should inform the Div. VP and the opponent teams at least 24 hours before the match.

8.7. Players who have registered as a Guest Player for a team and have played at least one game for their team,
8.7.1. Cannot be transferred to any other team as a Guest player
8.7.2. Cannot join the Guest team as a Primary player

    9.1. The League would allow transfer of players from One group to another NOT ONLY within the division BUT across divisions too, even after the season has commenced, subject to the following conditions;
    9.1.1. A player, who is registered with a club in the scheduled competition, shall not be eligible to play for another club until a written transfer request is made to the conference along with a check for $100.00 towards transfer fee AND such a transfer is approved by the management.
    9.1.2. The transfer rule is applicable only in case of players wanting to make a change when the season has already started. Players switching team before having played for their old team will not be required to obtain permission or pay the $100 fees for transfer.
    9.1.3. The player wanting to get transferred to another team shall have to provide a 10 days written notice to the old team with a copy to the League or sit out at least one regular season game, before he can play for the new team. The management reserves the right to refuse the transfer, or accept the transfer with certain conditions as it applies to the Primary / Secondary team as in Rule 8 above, in order to prevent teams and players from misusing the guest player / playoffs and transfer rules.
    9.1.4. Playoff eligibility for transferred players – Refer rule 21.2
    9.1.5. No transfer will be allowed after July 15th of the current year.
    10.1. There shall only be 2 divisions in the league in 2017

10.2. 40 OVERS Division:
10.2.1. There shall be ONLY ONE Group in this division
10.2.2. All the games including the playoff games and travelling games shall be 40-Over games.
10.3. Thirty-30: This division shall consist of 2 groups – Division 1 and Division 2 based on the ranking from 2016 season.

10.3.1. At the end of the season; THREE (3) teams from the bottom of the table in Division 1 will move down to Division 2 for the next season THREE (3) teams – The 2 finalists of Division 2 and the team finishing at the top of the table)

from Division 2 will move up to Division 1 for the next season

10.3.2. Any new team joining the 30-30 division will by default be registered under Division 2 irrespective of the roster or reputation

10.3.3. Two games in the season will be played as a 20-20 over game instead of 30-30. One of this game will be a Day game and the other will be a Night game

10.3.4. All the games including the playoff games shall be 30-Over games. There shall be no travelling games.

    11.1.UMPIRE CERTIFICATION: In an effort to improve the quality of umpiring in the league, the management may decide to have umpire training and / or certifications from time to time. The specifics of the program shall be announced ahead of time and all teams are expected to abide by the conditions as laid out by management.

11.2.1. Each team will have to do Volunteer Umpiring for 2 regular season games.

11.2.2. To prevent slip ups each team will deposit $150 upfront with the league towards the cost of umpiring 2 games. If the teams comply, this balance will be carried forward to 2018 season. In case of non-compliance the deposit will be used to cover the cost and the teams will lose the deposit

    12.1. The host team shall arrive early and ready the ground in all respects BEFORE TOSS TIME including a) Marking boundaries, 30 yards circle b) Lay the matting, c) Prepare the wickets / bails, mark crease and provide chalk, d) Provide scoreboard with numbers ALL OF THIS BEFORE BEING ELIGIBLE FOR TOSS. Failure to prepare the above will result in losing the toss to the opponent. The loss of toss is inapplicable if the opposing team is not in a position to start the game.

12.2. All players should not only be registered players but shall present the official necessary photo ID to prove their identity. Players failing to provide a photo ID at game-time shall be given 24 hours to fax or email the photo ID. If the identity of a player is falsified or if the player failed to provide his ID within the deadline, the match will be treated as forfeited by the team and points awarded to the opponent.

12.3. Student players are not excused from this rule.

    13.1. The dress code is to be strictly enforced and shall apply to all players and substitutes;

13.1.1. Shirts and Pants can be white or off-white (light shades of cream and grey only) for a player to play


13.1.2. For the 30-30 division, wearing the right team uniform is mandatory for all players including substitutes Players not in the correct uniform WILL not be allowed to play – unless they pay a penalty of $50 to the umpire for each player violating the rule. The penalty could increase for repeated violators The uniforms for all players need to be the same. Last year’s uniform if different from this year, WILL NOT be accepted


13.1.3. Helmet RULE: See Rule 6
13.1.4. Cell phones & Smoking on the field is strictly prohibited in the field of play. Players may leave the game / field to smoke or talk but no SUBSTITUTES allowed for this.


13.1.5. The attire can carry a logo but cannot have very prominent printed matter.

    14.1.START TIME: All matches must be strictly started at the times mentioned in the table below.


Grounds 30-30 Start time 40-40 Local Teams 40-40 Travel Teams
CHICAGOLAND Grounds (Community Park,
Heritage Park, Washington Park, James Park,
Orchard Hill, Commissioner Park, Riverside Park
(Indiana), Addison, Lake in the Hills, Plainfield
8.30 AM and 1.30 PM 10AM 11AM
All night games at Hanover NA 5PM NA
Day Games at Hanover (when night games are


14.2. GRACE TIME: There shall be a Grace period of 36 minutes for the local Chicago-land area games. For the traveling teams, a grace period of 1 hour and 6 minutes shall be allowed. Umpire’s watch shall be considered FINAL for all official Times.
14.2.1. Teams arriving late, during the Grace time shall have an opportunity to play the game without forfeiting the same
14.2.2. Teams arriving at the ground during the Grace Time shall be docked ONE over for every 6 minutes loss of play time. The time wasted shall be rounded off to the next lowest multiple of 6 (For instance a team arriving at 10:10 am for a Chicagoland match shall be docked 1 over, whereas teams arriving at 10:12 am shall be docked 2 overs and so on). DOCKING OF OVERS IS A PENALTY MEANT FOR THE TEAM COMING LATE… IT DOES NOT MEAN REDUCTION OF OVERS FOR THE MATCH TO SAVE TIME. DOCKING OF OVERS DOES NOT HAVE ANY EFFECT ON THE POWERPLAY NUMBER OF OVERS.
14.2.3. The docking of overs for outstation games shall commence 30 minutes after the scheduled start times. IN EFFECT TRAVELLING TEAMS SHALL HAVE 1Hr: 06 MIN TO COMMENCE THE GAME and hence not forfeit the game.
14.2.4. The docking of overs for outstation games shall commence 30 minutes after the scheduled start times. IN EFFECT TRAVELLING TEAMS SHALL HAVE 1Hr: 06 MIN TO COMMENCE THE GAME and hence not forfeit the game.
14.2.5. For teams arriving after Grace time – see Clause 14.4 on Forfeiture.
14.2.6. Grace time WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF OVERS. It only avoids forfeiture.
14.3. TOSS: The following rules shall apply for toss;
14.3.1. Irrespective of whether the game involves a travelling team or not, the umpire shall go for the toss 10 minutes before the scheduled Start of game
14.3.2. The visitors or the guest team shall call the toss.
14.3.3. The decision to BAT or FIELD must be conveyed to the umpire IMMEDIATELY AFTER TOSS.
14.3.4. A minimum of 7 (Seven) registered players should be present for the toss to happen, failing which, the team that has the required number of players shall be awarded the toss. If both teams do not have the minimum players it shall be awarded to the team that fulfils the condition first.
14.3.5. Host team must get the Ground ready in all aspects before the toss, failing which they shall be considered NOT ON TIME and the Toss awarded to the opponents IF they are present in the ground.
14.3.6. Hosts not getting the ground ready on time shall be subject to the Grace period rule, Docking of overs and the Forfeiture rule.
14.4. WALKOVER: The following actions may result in GIVING WALKOVER of matches;
14.4.1. Failure to have at least 7 (Seven) registered players on the ground by the end of Grace time or Failure to show up on the ground shall result in Walkover. The team that is present on the ground shall be awarded the full 4 (Four) points and the absentee team WILL BE DOCKED POINTS, IN ACCORDANCE WITH WALKOVER RULES FOR THEIR
DIVISION. In this case the umpire shall be paid for the match.
14.4.2. Teams refusing to start the match, teams leaving the field of play without umpired permission, players refusing to play, shall all be considered as grounds for WALKOVER.
14.4.3. Teams that have not paid the league fees in full will not be allowed to play the game and shall be considered to have GIVEN WALKOVER, unless they have written permission from a league officer.
14.4.4. The finance committee/Treasurer shall inform the umpiring committee, scheduling committee and other appropriate bodies of such defaulting teams at least 4-5 days before the game day. They shall also communicate to the teams about the possibility of WALKOVER.
14.5. PLAYING TIME: The teams shall keep up the following times in order to complete the matches in time. Any deliberate attempts to delay games shall have strict penalties.
14.5.1. OVERS: The number of overs stipulated by the league under normal playing conditions, is as follows; 40 OVERS Division: 40 overs a side including playoffs, with a minimum of 20 overs to be completed in each innings, to be an OFFICIAL MATCH 30 OVERS Division: 30 overs a side including playoffs, with a minimum of 15 overs to be completed in each innings, to be an OFFICIAL MATCH In case of bad weather or other situations where the regular number of overs cannot be bowled, the umpire can reduce the number of overs – as a guide the number of overs to be reduced shall be calculated at the rate of 1 over for every 4 (Four) minutes lost, subject to the minimum number of overs as specified in to Any break or interruption will not be considered as part of this time. Any reduction in the number of overs has to be decided before the play commences.
14.5.2. TIME: Every team shall strive to complete the match within the allotted time. Division 40/40 games – 3:15 hours per innings. One hour grace time shall be allowed to accommodate delays. No game shall be continued after the end time specified in 17.1. Division Thirty 30 games – 2:15 hours per innings. One hour grace time shall be allowed to accommodate delays. No game shall be continued after the end time specified in 17.1. No games shall be delayed beyond 60 minutes from the designated end of play
14.5.3. REDUCTION OF OVERS: When a full day’s play is not possible, the umpires shall be at liberty to DILIGENTLY reduce the number of overs to accommodate a shortened but complete game. The broad guidelines are as follows; For Chicago teams playing LOCALLY (Includes Milwaukee games in Chicago and Milwaukee) – No reduction of overs for the first 45 minutes of play, after which overs shall be REDUCED at the rate of One over for every 4 minutes lost The lunch break and Closing time to be adjusted accordingly For OUTSTATION TEAMS PLAYING LOCALLY (Milwaukee, St. Louis, Peoria /Springfield / Champagne) – Same rule as For Travelling teams with delayed start time (EXCEPT ST. LOUIS) – No reduction of overs for the first 30 minutes of play, after which overs shall be REDUCED at the rate of One over for every 4 minutes lost The lunch break and Closing time to be adjusted accordingly For Travelling teams involving ST. LOUIS with delayed start time – Reduction of overs to start immediately after the scheduled start. If a game involves reduction of overs AND Teams showing up during GRACE time, the Umpires shall first decide on the numbers of overs for the game and then dock the team for showing up late
14.5.4. DELAYS: Umpires shall keep a close watch on the match proceedings especially the time factor. Umpires also need to keep the teams informed about the time left for the innings to be completed. Deliberate attempts to delay the game shall be dealt with penalty overs/penalty runs. Normal delays shall however be allowed by the umpires.
14.5.5. BREAKS: Teams are requested to strictly follow the timelines for the drinks and lunch breaks. On a normal day – 1 break lasting a maximum of 10 minutes for all division Games will be played without any breaks in case of 25 over games. On days with extreme weather conditions, umpires shall allow 2 (two) drink breaks Lunch break shall be for 40 minutes and will not count towards playing time.
This can be reduced to 20 min to minimize the reduction of overs Host teams shall provide lunch to guest teams in case of outstation games

    15.1. Umpire shall exercise proper judgment and wait as long as possible to give both teams a fair chance to complete the game. However, no games shall be delayed beyond 60 minutes from the designated end of play.

15.2. If games are called off due to Bad weather/ Bad light /Bad Ground Conditions before the match becomes official, the game shall be declared a DRAW
15.2.1. For Division 40/40 matches – If less than 20 overs were bowled in the 2nd innings at the time of calling off the match. In this case each team shall be awarded 2 points.
15.2.2. For Division Thirty 30 matches – If less than 15 overs were bowled in the 2nd innings at the time of calling off the match. In this case each team shall be awarded 2 points
15.3. In case the match could not be started due to bad weather/bad light /bad ground conditions, the match shall be called off and both teams awarded 2 points each only if both teams fulfill the rule on minimum quorum required to start a game.
15.4. Matches washed out/abandoned due to rain or ground conditions after the completion of the minimum number of overs (required for the match to be official) shall be decided by D/L method. Explanation with example has been posted on the web separately
15.5. WALKOVERS: Teams are expected to play all the games in the right spirit of the game. As a deterrent to teams giving walkovers, the following rules shall apply;
15.5.1. Teams awarding walk-over for any reason whatsoever will get (-) 4 points and could have monetary penalties too. Teams receiving walk-overs will get full 4 points if they have the minimum quorum of players. No exceptions or assumptions shall be made.
(See Rule 18 for Points Table)
15.5.2. Walkover with advance notice – For teams informing the league the previous day of the match, there shall be no monetary penalty. The game shall however be treated as ‘Walkover given’ and will result in (-) 4 points.
15.5.3. Walkover without advance notice – Teams not giving 24 hours advance notice to the league shall not only get -4 points but shall be penalized $100 per ‘Walkover Given’ to pay for the umpiring cost and other administrative costs.
15.6. TIE: A game shall be declared a tie/draw if both the teams scored the same number of runs irrespective of the number of wickets lost or number of overs used to score the runs. Both teams shall be awarded 2 points.

    16.1.HOSTING: The hosting team shall make attempts to provide lunch as a gesture to the travelling teams failing which they would do their best to arrange for delivery of such items. This would help save a lot of time and help in finishing the matches early

16.2. CAPTAINS: must follow the guidelines listed below:
16.2.1. Will be conversant and proficient with the laws of Cricket and make sure to go over rules and regulations with their players.
16.2.2. Will follow the constitution, rules and regulation of Midwest Cricket Conference.
16.2.3. Will control the behavior of all his team players.
16.2.4. Will respect the umpires opinions and decisions
16.2.5. Will ensure completing, tallying and signing official score sheets
16.2.6. Will ensure garbage is removed, Mats rolled and covered
16.2.7. Will be responsible to file the required match reports including reports on Umpires.

16.3. OVERS PER BOWLER: The over restrictions shall be applied as follows;

40 Overs match Max of 8 overs per bowler
30 Overs match Max of 6 overs per bowler
20 Overs match Max of 4 overs per bowler
Other matches played with
reduced number of overs
·        Maximum number of overs per bowler shall be limited to 1/5
(One-fifth) of the total number of overs

·        However, if there is a remainder the remaining overs shall be
distributed to one bowler at a time

(For instance if the overs are reduced to 35, each bowler can
bowl a max. of 7 overs. If it is reduced to 42, three bowlers can
bowl a max. of 8 overs, while two can bowl 9 each)


16.4. PLAYING AREA: No one from outside the boundary (including the registered players of the batting side) shall be allowed to enter the playing area once the match commences. None of the players of the fielding team shall approach the umpire FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. In case of a dispute or doubt only the Captain, upon being granted permission by the umpire, shall be allowed to approach the umpire to discuss the situation (See the matrix on
discipline below for details).
16.5. LEG-UMPIRE: (if provided by the batting side): The captains from both teams understand and agree to abide by the following conditions;
16.5.1. The leg umpire vows to be FAIR to the game of cricket
16.5.2. He will wear a different colour shirt to differentiate himself from the fielder.
16.5.3. Cannot call a NO BALL – he can only suggest to the main umpire
16.5.4. Cannot talk to batsmen or offer suggestions when an over is in progress.
16.5.5. Shall remain standing at all times
16.5.6. Cannot under any circumstances argue with the fielding team or the main umpire
16.5.7. Can be replaced with another player if found to be an issue.
16.6. SCORE-SHEET: Both teams shall try to provide a scorer in order to maintain proper record of the runs and bowling figures which is required to complete the official score sheet at the end of the game. However, in the absence of scorers from each side, it shall be the batting team’s responsibility to provide the right batting and bowling numbers.
16.6.1. It shall be the captain’s responsibility to get the scored compiled, tallied, signed by umpire and load it in the website
16.6.2. Failure to enter scores in the website by end of day Wednesday following the game, shall result in a penalty of $25 for the first offence, $50 for the second. The third offence would result in a $100 and a ‘1 point’ docking from the points table

    17.1. GROUND: Both teams shall take time to complete the following formalities;
    17.1.1. The host team and guest teams shall take care of the following;
    17.1.2. Host teams shall Roll the mat tightly and properly and cover the mat fully with the plastic tarp provided Both teams shall make sure to collect the team garbage in proper garbage bags, tie them neatly and keep it at designated locations for pick up Both team captains and/or scorer shall sit to complete the official score-sheet, tally the numbers and sign off the document and hand it over to the umpire Failure to complete, tally or sign the official score-sheet would be deemed as an incomplete match on the part of the defaulting team. This shall be referred by the umpire to the league for appropriate action (See matrix for discipline for more details). The league is under a lot of pressure from park districts, especially the Hanover Park Park District about case of ALCHOHOL CONSUMPTION and disposal of empty containers. All grounds leased to Midwest Cricket Conference for Cricket, strictly forbid consumption of Alcohol within the ground and park
    premises. Players, officiating crew or and other league members whether in a supervising capacity on the ground or not, shall not consume alcohol before or during the game. Further, Players, Officiating crew, other league members are not allowed in the Park district premises under the influence of Alcohol, Drugs or any illegal substance. Infractions and offenders could be reported to the league and / or to respective local authorities if necessary.
  2. Points will be awarded as follows


WIN 4 (Four) Points
WALKOVER-RECEIVED 4 (Four) Points (to the team receiving the walkover) subject to
umpire’s report
TIE /DRAW /NR/ RAIN-OUT 2 (Two) Points to each team
LOSS 0 (Zero) Points
WALKOVER- GIVEN –4 (Negative) Points (to the team failing to show up) for
any reason whatsoever


18.1. Individual Players or team as a whole wishing to lodge a complaint against either of the following – other individual league member/s, another team, umpire/s, or committee member/s shall need to do so in writing within 7 (Seven) days of the incident. The complaint is to be addressed and submitted to the judicial committee in writing.
18.2. Complaint can be made only by current league members and teams in good standing. Members and/or teams who are serving a suspension or have dues to the league cannot file a complaint.
18.3. The judicial committee shall make all attempts to address the complaint and table its findings within 2 weeks of filing the complaint.

    19.1. The league shall organize an annual banquet sometime between October and February to celebrate the successful completion of the season and to recognize top performances in all aspects of the game.
    20.1.1. Division Thirty 30
    · Top 8 teams from each of the Division 1 & 2 will qualify for the playoffs and will be seeded 1 to 8. The match up of teams will be within the respective group. The Format for 30-30 Playoffs (Lower Seed – AND HOST – Listed SECOND) will be as follows:
  • Quarter Finals:

1st Seed vs. 8th Seed

2nd Seed vs. 7th Seed

3rd Seed vs. 6th Seed

4th Seed vs. 5th Seed

  • Semi-Finals
  • Finals


20.1.2. Division 40/40

  • Total of 8 teams will go in to the play-offs
    • Tie-breaker for the deciding the ranks, if any shall be decided based on the tie-breaker rules below
  • Quarter Finals (1 vs. 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5)
  • Semi-Finals
  • Finals


20.1.3. If the Playoff game cannot be completed due to bad light or weather, league will schedule the game on the next available date and will not start over but will continue from where it was stopped.
20.1.4. In case of a tie, the decision will be made using ‘SUPER OVER’ (only in the playoffs).
20.1.5. The team with lower standing in the regular season will host the game; however, if the team with lower standing is an away team, the local team will host the game.
20.1.6. The host team will be responsible for setting up the pitch and marking the boundaries. They will also be responsible for providing food and drinks for the visiting team.
20.1.7. In case both the teams are away teams, the league will HOST THE Game in terms of getting the ground match ready. On the host team’s request the league can arrange for lunch for both teams but the cost would have to borne by the HOST team.
20.1.8. The league will HOST the finals in all the divisions and also take care of the food cost and arrangements.
20.2.1. Irrespective of the Division, PLAYERS playing only for ONE TEAM should have played in MINIMUM OF 4 games in the regular season to qualify for playoffs.
20.2.2. Irrespective of the Division and Irrespective of being of PRIMARY or a SECONDARY player, PLAYERS playing for MORE THAN ONE TEAM should have played in MINIMUM OF 7 games for ANY or EACH of the teams in the regular season to qualify for playoffs for that team (Note: Please read this rule in conjunction with Rule 8 to understand what constitutes Primary /Secondary teams)
20.3.1. In the event of teams finishing on equal points on the points table, the right to play in the playoff matches, as well as higher seeding will be determined as follows; Head to head % of wins within division % of wins common opponents % of wins against playoff bound teams NRR
20.4.1. There shall be no reassigning of teams this year

    22.1. Executive Committee (EC) will be the final authority of all cricketing matters within the M.C.C. All team members having read these rules agree to be bound by them and recognize the EC as the final arbitrator in all matters that pertains to the league including the M.C.C.
    sanctioned activities.