Midwest Cricket Conference
MCC Heritage

Midwest Cricket Conference & Youth Academy, established in 1965, is a fully insured, sporting body. This umbrella organization comprised of teams from Chicago and suburban areas was formed to organize the sport of cricket played in the Midwest. Other prominent members besides clubs from Chicago, are clubs from Peoria, Milwaukee, Madison and St. Louis. Originally a British import, Cricket in the Midwest as in most of United States, is played mostly by players from the Caribbean and the Asian subcontinent. People from all walks of life – doctors, engineers, students, computer professionals, cab owners/drivers, businessmen spend most of their summer weekend at the Washington Park indulging in the leisurely game of cricket. For a lot of them, it’s their favorite pastime.Cricket in Midwest has grown remarkably in the last five years. From 12 teams in 1995 to over 50 teams in the 2017 season the game of cricket has taken a huge leap forward in the Midwest and there’s no looking back. Besides providing an opportunity to play cricket to the impassioned aficionados, weekend warriors and the ageless enthusiasts, the larger goal of introducing to the locals and to the youths remains a constant dream.

Cricket has a lot to contend with – in this sport crazy city and country. We try to enable the Youth and Adults to increase the footprint of the sport in the region.