Midwest Cricket Conference
Abid Laheri Tourney 2009

2009 Abid Laheri Memorial Tournament

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Group A Group B Group C
Rogers Park
Trail Blazers
Pak Gymkhana
Blues XI
Muslim Gymkhana
Midnight Pirates
Karachi Cricket Club
Night Owls



  • All games will be played under latest International Cricket Council (I.C.C.) rules and M.C.C. rules and by-laws. The M.C.C. rules and by-laws will take the precedence over I.C.C. rules. The only exception is that One-bouncer rule does not apply. All bouncers over shoulder height (with all regular constraints) would be a No-Ball.
  • Starting time shall be 7:00 pm. Each captain must submit a team to the umpire 15 minutes before the start and no less than 7 players can take the field. In situation where a team is unable to start the game on time, the toss will be awarded to the opposing team. Each team is allowed 90 minutes to complete 20 overs, with a fifteen minute innings break. Strict timings will be enforced and teams not complying will be penalized in the way of overs being docked.
  • If the game is not completed due to bad light or bad weather, the league will reschedule the game on a different night. The game will NOT start over but will continue from where it had ended.
  • All the games will be a 20 over match.
  • The host team must have the ground prepared at least 15 minutes before the match time. It includes:
    1. Preparing the wicket
    2. Mark the boundary
  • Both teams must ensure that no trash is left behind. Failure to comply will result in $50.00 fine to the offending team or both.
  • All teams must refrain from changing on the field or in the parking lot. Failure to comply will result in suspension, fine or both.
  • Each team will provide 1 neutral umpire for 2 games during the course of the tournament.
  • The top 2 teams of each group will qualify for the playoffs. The ranking for the playoffs will be based on points and then on Net Run Rate. The top 2 teams will be given bye in the 1st round.