Midwest Cricket Conference
Players Code of Conduct


July 2013


‘Code of Conduct’ produced below, is a reminder to all players, officials and administrative staff of this league that Cricket is a game which has a rich tradition of sportsmanship behind it. All those involved with the league/game are expected to uphold this tradition and spirit of the game.


  • Lack of Knowledge about the existence of THE CODE OF CONDUCT, is not an excuse for any CODE VIOLATION
  • Captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game as well as within the Laws.
  • Players shall not at any time engage in conduct that could bring them or the game into disrepute.
  • Players must at all times accept the Umpire’s decision AND not show dissent of any kind
  • Players shall not use crude or abusive language (Sledging) nor make offensive gestures.
  • Players shall not AT ANY TIME engage in conduct that may jeopardize use of the cricketing facility.
  • Players shall not consume any alcoholic beverages during the game.
  • Officiating crew and Administrative personnel must understand that their duties and responsibilities are to facilitate the game & NOT conduct themselves in ways so as to;

o    show bias and/or be prejudiced in their decision making

o    misuse their position and/or powers in any way

o    bring disrepute to the offices they hold, to the league and the GAME itself


Application and Enforcement of the Code:


  1. Code of Conduct will serve as a guide to the Judiciary Committee in decision making.
  2. Code of Conduct is applicable to all the games played within MCC, including league, regional, cup and representative games.
  3. The set of codes published is not an EXCLUSIVE list but an INCLUSIVE list – any violation not falling under the purview of any of the Codes set forth shall be decided on a case to case basis. The Judiciary Committee along with the Executive Board may in addition to, or as an alternative to any of the penalties, impose a different set of penalties and probation as it deems fit.
  4. Penalties could be in the form of suspension for games, fines or both. Maximum penalties are intended for the worst violations or for repeat offenders.
  5. The period of suspension will be specified as a number of games (inclusive of life) and shall be served in the same year (includes playoffs) in which the infraction occurred. If the period is not completed in a given season it must be carried over to the next or subsequent seasons.
  6. Suspension from one division means suspension from any/all MCC activities/events – cup matches, regional games and MCC representative matches till the suspension is served.
  7. No player under probation shall hold any office in the MCC until after the end of the probationary period.


  • Crude, abusive language or offensive gestures by any player (inside/outside the field) to other players or the umpire
  • Failure of a Batsman to leave the field when declared “Out” by Umpire
  • Players involved in minor incidents, after having received a warning or caution.
  • Automatic Probation for a 6 month period from the date of imposition
  • Fine of up to US $50.00
  • Captain, MCC Officers or Board members involved in any of Level I infractions
  • Any audible on-field expression of criticism or dissent by a player to an Umpire’s decision, whether or not it is expressed directly at an Umpire
  • Confrontational or threatening language or gesture directed at an Umpire or player(s)
  • Failure to comply with an Umpire’s instruction
  • Any player under probation committing another Level I infraction OR committing repetitive Level I infractions
  • Automatic Probation for a 1 year period from the date of imposition
  • Fine of up to US $100.00
  • Suspension for a period encompassing up to 5 MCC scheduled games.
  • These infractions are considered the worst of its kind & max penalties can be applied.
  • Player consuming alcohol, narcotics or controlled substance during the game or playing under the influence of the above
  • Captains involved in Level II infraction
  • Any player or team involved in any physical abuse of equipment or facilities
  • Player/team engaging in conduct which jeopardizes future use of ground facilities
  • A player under suspension violating any of the previously imposed penalties.
  • Automatic Probation for a 2 year period to commence after the suspension term is served
  • Fine of up to US $250.00
  • Suspension for a period of not less than 3 MCC scheduled games.
  • Any act of physical aggression or violence towards a Player, Umpire or Spectator
  • Captain involved in a Level III infraction
  • Automatic Probation for a 2 year period to commence after suspension
  • Fine of up to US $250.00
  • Suspension of not less than 8 MCC scheduled games