Midwest Cricket Conference
Rescheduling Rules

Scheduling & Rescheduling Rule

1. No guarantees can be made regarding any scheduling or rescheduling requests. Reason, Availability of Ground, Approval of Opponents (in certain cases) are all factors to be considered.

2. No rescheduling request shall force the season to be extended for any division.

3. If for any reason a scheduling/rescheduling request cannot be met and the requesting team cannot play, the requesting team shall be awarded a loss (0 points) and opponents record shall show a win (with 4 points).

4. All scheduling requests should be made after the first AGM for the season and typically before the second AGM (when schedules are released). Specific deadlines for receipt of scheduling requests may be posted at the beginning of the season.

5. Only written requests to  cjpatel007@yahoo.com shall be considered a valid request. Request receipt dates will reflect when the written requests were received. Informing the President or other members of the scheduling or other committees, verbally, does not constitute a request.

6. Rescheduling request should be made well in advance. At least 2 weeks of notice is required. Chances for approval would be significantly low for the current week’s game.

7. Ground availability is a primary requirement for all reschedules. If grounds are not available, all requests (valid or not,legitimate or not) shall be denied, and the requesting team stands to lose.

8.No penalties other than mentioned above shall be applied for rescheduling.