Midwest Cricket Conference
Umpiring Committee

This committee has been established to provide neutral umpiring for the league games. The major responsibility of this committee is to appoint an official qualified umpire for any league game in Midwest League. This committee is also responsible to provide umpiring for any major tournament that Midwest will be hosting. Umpires education will also be looked into by this committee holding umpire seminars and by showing the umpires cricket tapes.


  • Umpiring committee shall be responsible among other things, for establishing guidelines for the umpires, provide training and certification, scheduling umpires, general conduct of the game, players and the umpires, payment for umpires, etc.
  • At least one neutral umpire shall be assigned for all matches. In spite of the best efforts if there is no neutral umpire, the teams shall play the game in the right spirit of the game with the batting side providing both umpires.
  • Teams can neither protest against any umpire appointment nor can they request for any specific umpires for a match.
  • Umpires cannot request the league for assignment to officiate any particular match.


It shall be mandatory on all teams to contribute to the league umpiring and the following conditions shall apply,

  • It would be mandatory for each team to assign players to umpire in 3 matches during the regular season.
  • Of the 3 matches, two matches shall be local games and one should be an outstation game
  • Teams are requested to choose 3 dates of their choice for the mandatory umpiring before May 15th, failing which the league shall assign the dates for each team. Dates assigned by league shall be final and binding on teams.
  • The mandatory three match quota shall be completed by end of August 8th of the year.
  • Payment shall me made for these mandatory assignments. Certified umpires will get $10 more.
  • Teams failing to complete the mandatory umpiring assignments shall be charged $150 for each violation.
  • Lunch for the umpire shall be provided by the host team
  • For outstation games, the umpires shall be provided transportation by the visiting team

The members assisting this committee are:



Email: marghoob@midwestcricket.org
Phone: 224-200 5415