Midwest Cricket Conference
Website / Communication Committee

The major responsibility of this committee is to provide news of latest activities, easy access to update automated scorecard, upcoming tournaments information, communication to all the clubs, disseminate latest information regarding the league immediate news, provide the points table, teams standing and best batsmen and bowlers information.

  • Midwest Cricket Conference’s official website is (www.midwestcricket.org). The website is to enable players, officials and other cricket lovers to track the cricket activities within the league and also from around the world. This website is and shall always remain the property of the league.
  • All the member teams shall be provided with an official email ID, which shall be used only for official communications within the league.
  • Management will post all updates and notification in the website and/or send an email to all teams. It shall be the team’s responsibility to check the website and emails regularly and take necessary steps to fulfill responsibilities. No personal calls will be made or entertained
  • Any misuse of the email for personal and malicious reasons shall constitute a violation and shall be liable for penalties and suspensions.
  • The league has set forth formal processes and clear communication lines for teams to interact with the management or the committees. Each official has been assigned specific task and shall be responsible and accountable for those tasks.
  • Contact details of various committee members and the management team shall be posted on the website. Teams must strictly follow these guidelines and direct their comments, requests, ideas and complaints to the respective committees. This would ensure completion of tasks in a timely manner, with minimum interference and confusion.
  • Personal calls to the top management will not be entertained and should be limited to emergencies.

The members assisting this committee are:



Email: shiva@midwestcricket.org
Phone: 847-420 6930