Midwest Cricket Conference
Statistics Committee

Statistics committee has been set up to ensure proper record keeping by teams. To assist the committee in doing their tasks:

  • Teams must enter WEEKLY SUMMARY before the end of day Monday following the game.
  • Teams must enter the SCORECARD and the CAPTAIN’s REPORT within 3 days of the game date.
  • Teams failing to complete the reporting as above will not be able to enter scores and shall pay a fine of $25 for each offence. Repeated offenders will be suspended.
  • Team found guilty of entering the scores incorrectly will be fined and suspended if it is established that it was a deliberate act of cheating.
  • The system has been set up to allow Rained out and Walkover games to be recorded. Teams need to make sure that these games are entered too, in order for these games to be considered for playoff eligibility. If the system does not allow teams to enter these details, it is the team’s responsibility to send a fax with the roster and the result to the statistics committee or email at statistics@midwestcricket.org and the respective Division VP’s.
  • In case of walk-over, the team must present the name of all the players present at the field to the umpire. In case of guest players of Thirty 30, an ID must be presented to the umpire. Teams failing to submit these details for walk over games shall not count towards playoff games.
  • Each team will have 7 days to challenge or correct the score. No request of any type will be acknowledged past 7 days of the game.
  • If the league discovers any discrepancies in the score which would result in a reduced NRR, the League has the authority to make the necessary changes to the score.
  • Any correspondence regarding statistics/scores should be directed to Statistics committee at Statistics@midwestcricket.org

In an effort to improve the league umpiring standards and to award the umpires, the league proposes to introduce as part of the Captain’s report a section on the umpires for the match. Teams are requested to take this report very seriously and rate the umpires objectively/neutrally. The league proposes to introduce an award for the top umpires based on these reports.

The members assisting this committee are:



Email: alpesh@midwestcricket.org
Phone: 773-822 6294