Midwest Cricket Conference

This committee has been established to create the schedules for the entire season. This is aided by a software developed by the league. All Rescheduling requests/day preferences has to go through the league before being accepted. See the rescheduling rules section for more information.

  • Scheduling Committee’s role will be to come out with the entire schedule with the venues for the entire season and including the play-offs. The committee shall also be responsible for re-scheduling matches.
  • Teams must send in their specific requests to the Scheduling committee latest by March 31st in order for them to make adjustments
  • Teams must realize that accommodating such scheduling requests is a privilege and the league is not obligated to guarantee all requests. However, the league will do its best to accommodate all requests received.
  • Scheduling committee’s decision is final
  • Rescheduling of matches shall be allowed if the teams have a genuine reason for the requests.
  • All re-scheduling requests need to be sent in written to the scheduling committee at scheduling@midwestcricket.org at least two weeks in advance, unless there is a valid emergency. Only written requests will be treated as valid. Request receipt dates will reflect when the written requests were received.
  • Scheduling / Rescheduling requests will be entertained only in terms of dates.
  • Matches that could not be started due to overnight rain, matches that are not completed due to rain or bad light or other unplayable conditions shall not be rescheduled.
  • No rescheduling requests of regular games would be entertained if it would result in the season being extended in any division.
  • The management reserves the right to change the Venue or the Date or Both for any team/teams affected by any of the following special conditions such as:
    • Death of MCC members or their family members
    • Unplayable ground conditions due to prior acts of nature
    • Grounds that belong to park districts that become unavailable due to park district activities/request.
    • Teams that have more than 3 rained out matches in season shall be eligible for rescheduling of the future matches that may be rained out. The rescheduling is mandatory even if the opposing team has had less than 3 rained out matches. The dates and venue shall be announced by the management based on the availability. The first 3 matches that were rained out will not be considered for rescheduling. Also, due to ground and date constraint, team may have to play back to back games.
    • Key members of any team that represent MCC in the tournaments conducted under the auspices of USACA
    • The management reserves the right to reschedule any match.
    • Any such rescheduled matches shall be notified to the entire league.

The members assisting this committee are:



Email: rajiv@midwestcricket.org